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We are pleased to announce the 10 most-viewed articles in Ethnobiology and Conservation throughout the year 2023.  We invite all readers to explore these compelling articles, addressing a variety of pertinent topics.

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Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles in 2023:

Jiménez-Escobar et al. Cross-scale analysis of diversification processes in fuelwood use in three contrasting ecoregions of Argentina (Chaco, Pampa and Patagonia): the role of exotic species in subsistence

Bezerra et al. Pitheciid vocal communication: what can we say about what they are saying?

Jacob et al. Food Biodiversity as an Opportunity to Address the Challenge of Improving Human Diets and Food Security

Ostrovski et al. The media paradox: influence on human shark perceptions and potential conservation impacts

Alves et al. Ethnozoology: A Brief Introduction

Sampaio et al. From exploitation to conservation: a historical analysis of zoos and their functions in human societies

Cervantes Escobar et al. Social perceptions of ecosystem services delivered by coastal wetlands: their value and the threats they face in northwestern Mexico

Loch et al. Forest species for biocultural restoration in eastern Amazon, Brazil

Moreno-Rubiano et al. Perception and attitudes of local communities towards vertebrate fauna in the Andes of Colombia: Effects of gender and the urban/rural setting

Oliveira et al. Human consumption of meat from roadkilled animals in the southwestern Amazon