Ethnobiology and Conservation

Vol 4 (2015)

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Original research article

A Pluralistic Approach to Protected Area Governance: Indigenous Peoples and Makuira National Park, Colombia PDF
Julia Margareta Premauer, Fikret Berkes
Reports of the use of Urticaceae collected in Brazil and deposited in the herbaria of Kew (K), New York (NY) and Paris (P) PDF
Amanda Roberta Corrado, André Luiz Gagliatti, Sergio Romaniuc Neto, Lin Chau Ming
From fish and bushmeat to chicken nuggets: the nutrition transition in a continuum from rural to urban settings in the Tri frontier Amazon region PDF
Nathalie van Vliet, Maria Paula Quiceno-Mesa, Daniel Cruz-Antia, Leady Tellez, Cristian Martins, Enio Haiden, Michael Ribeiro Oliveira, Cristina Adams, Carla Morsello, Lorena Valencia, Tamara Bonilla, Blanca Yagüe, Robert Nasi
Medicinal plants with cholesterol-lowering effect marketed in the Buenos Aires-La Plata conurbation, Argentina: An Urban Ethnobotany study PDF
Julio Alberto Hurrell, Jeremías Pedro Puentes, Patricia Marta Arenas


Ethnozoology: A Brief Introduction PDF
Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves, Wedson Medeiros Silva Souto
Evaluation of Mammals Hunting in Indigenous and Rural Localities in Eastern Brazilian Amazon PDF
Geison Pires Mesquita, Larissa Nascimento Barreto
Chemistry and pharmacology of some plants mentioned in the letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha PDF
Lucio Ferreira Alves, Lin Chau Ming

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